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Thanksgiving Movie Weekends Offer Insights on What Makes a Silent Auction Item Successful

Thanksgiving – the five-day mini blockbuster weekend – beckons in some of the best movies of the year. These movies also make up some of our most successful silent auction items to date! For more than three decades, since the

The Kid Inside All of Us: Silent Auction Ideas for School Fundraisers

Silent Auctions for School Fundraisers have some obvious Do’s and obvious “Don’ts. Scratch that. ALL silent auction fundraisers have some obvious musts and definite faux pas. No matter what the setting, a silent auction fundraiser should have auction items that

Silent Auction Item Idea: A Plot of Land on the Moon and Moonwalker’s Autograph

The Moon – it lights our nights and its glow is rhapsodized about in countless songs Pand stories. The moon also symbolizes the greatness mankind can achieve. The great American Astronauts have dedicated their lives to exploring the final frontier,