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Autographed Spider-Man Auction Items: Why he’s the perfect Superhero for Charity Fundraising

Everybody knows that the Avengers and The Marvel Universe is a smashing success. Avengers: Endgame premiered on April 26, 2019, raking in more than $800 million to date. Internationally, the movie has brought in more than $2 billion. While Captain

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The Nonprofit “Thankful List”: Charity Auction Items, Volunteers, and More!

Here at Charity Fundraising, we are thankful for people. There are amazing volunteers, charity auction items from celebrities, and donors who are all making a difference! And boy, are we thankful for that. For, as you know, you don’t have

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Silent Auction Item Idea: A Plot of Land on the Moon and Moonwalker’s Autograph

The Moon – it lights our nights and its glow is rhapsodized about in countless songs Pand stories. The moon also symbolizes the greatness mankind can achieve. The great American Astronauts have dedicated their lives to exploring the final frontier,

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