Silent Auction Item Ideas

The Moon – it lights our nights and its glow is rhapsodized about in countless songs Pand stories. The moon also symbolizes the greatness mankind can achieve. The great American Astronauts have dedicated their lives to exploring the final frontier, helping develop new innovations and technologies for mankind.

Charity Fundraising offers an 11×14 photo of the moon signed by American Astronauts: Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, Alan Bean, John Glenn and James Lovell. These moonwalkers are modern day superheroes to all lovers of outer space. ­

Packaging your silent auction items can add to the uniqueness and excitement of your items. For instance – Did you know you can buy a part of the moon? That’s right – you read right – you can be an own a plot of land on the moon. For $30.00 per acre of land, you can be a governor of your own estate on the moon! According to LunarLand.com, self-proclaimed as the earth’s oldest and most recognized celestial real estate agency, there has been more than 300 million acres sold already. A price tag of only $30.00 per acre makes more sense when you realize there are over 9 Billion acres of land on the moon. Although it’s little in expense, coupling a deed to their own plot of land on the moon with autographs from American moonwalker is the perfect silent auction package. This is just one of the many no risk auction items Charity Fundraising can offer you that are fun and unique silent auction item ideas!