Silent Auctions for School Fundraisers have some obvious Do’s and obvious “Don’ts.

Scratch that.

ALL silent auction fundraisers have some obvious musts and definite faux pas.

No matter what the setting, a silent auction fundraiser should have auction items that are geared toward the interests of the guests.

An added bonus is if the auction items can also be relevant to the setting itself.

What do I mean by that?

A golf outing to raise money for the high school golf team should have some golf-related auction items.

An evening gala held in an art museum should have some auction items pertaining to the arts.

This principle has been proven to work because the most successful auction items procure high bids naturally.

In other words, the setting of your event will either aid or detract from your auction items.

How does this pertain to silent auction ideas for school fundraisers?


Remember that your guests are all kids at heart.

Let’s face it: no matter how much responsibility builds in adulthood, no matter how long ago our summer-long vacations were, we all had a childhood.

Parents, family, friends, leaders in the community – whoever comes to your fundraiser – we all turn our attention towards that season of life again.

So celebrate that season of life with your auction items!

There are endless opportunities to do this.

Here are three ways to celebrate.

Celebrate the old, the new, and a fusion of the two.

1. Celebrate the Classics

Celebrate what was once new and has now stood the test of time.

A perfect way to do that is through Autographed Animation Art or Autographed Celebrity Sketches.

The Peanuts Comic strips were the reason I woke up on Sunday/Saturday mornings.

The world Charles Schulz created was one of fun and lighthearted comical truths that I have related to at every stage of my life.

Stan Lee’s fantastical stories gave me such an itch for wonder and excitement. I wanted to be brave, full of integrity, and fight for the good side.

Those feelings and that truth didn’t leave me when I stopped having acne breakouts.

It’s likely that guests at your school fundraiser had similar experiences with what is now hailed as The Classics.

For the rising young professionals who are starting families and settling down, the classics are expanding to the later Disney and early Pixar movies.

Their childhood was spent watching The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Toy Story, and alike.


2. Celebrate The New

We tend to be interested in the season of life we are currently living. For parents, their life becomes inundated with KID everything.

A 28-year-old bachelor may love nothing more than spending his Saturday tailgating with his buddies.

However, the 30 year old dad cannot get enough of Disney Princess and Saturday day Brunch and Tea Time with his little girl.

Celebrate the here and now with auction items from the soon-to-be-classics that parents and the kids enjoy!

3. Celebrate the Fusion

Bring into your school fundraiser the fun of youth for adults.

Case in points are Seth MacFarlane hand drawn and autographed “Stewie” from Family Guy original sketch or Bono from U2 hand drawn and autographed “Self Portrait” original sketch.

It’s possible to have auction items that bring out the lighthearted atmosphere of childhood without the item being solely about childhood.

For more silent auction ideas and items for your school fundraiser, call or contact Charity Fundraising!