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It’s a Family Affair – Athletic Themed Auction Items for Your Next School Fundraiser

The fall season is a ripe time for school fundraising. Our advice? Focus on athletic themed auction items. Why? School fundraising auction items should be of interest to the guests. During this time of year, American families are enthralled with

The Kid Inside All of Us: Silent Auction Ideas for School Fundraisers

Silent Auctions for School Fundraisers have some obvious Do’s and obvious “Don’ts. Scratch that. ALL silent auction fundraisers have some obvious musts and definite faux pas. No matter what the setting, a silent auction fundraiser should have auction items that

Host a Unique and Successful Fundraiser

Are you looking for something different to do for your upcoming school fundraiser? Parents are often overwhelmed with schedules during the school year. Academics, athletics and other extracurricular activities for their children in addition to work and household responsibilities provide

Charity Fundraising School Auction Items Provide Funding for Education Foundations

School Auction Items From Charity Fundraising Assist Over 500 Schools in 2013 to Increase Revenue.  Schools across the map depend on fundraising to help keep them running successfully. In a sluggish economy many districts have “pay-to-play” extracurricular programming like band