At Charity Fundraising, we offer a specific no upfront cost and no risk program for our services to our non-profit fundraising partners. To better understand what great benefits a partnership with Charity Fundraising can do for your organization, here is an overview of our 3-Step process so you know exactly what to expect from us and how we can help your organization to exceed all fundraising goals!

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1. Select Items for your Fundraiser

  • Review our website and online catalog to choose from any of our 500 auction fundraising items, ranging from autographed memorabilia to VIP experiences and exclusive vacation packages. Our Top 25 Best Selling Charity Auction Items are time-tested and proven to result in increased donations at your next auction fundraiser.  All of our auction items are provided on a zero-risk consignment bases, there is no risk, no upfront costs and no hidden fees. In addition all of our autographed memorabilia auction items are examined and certified for authenticity by an independent third party authentication firm. Learn more about the authentication process as laid out on our authenticity page.
  • Contact one of our friendly fundraising professionals by calling 201-492-4294 or fill out our contact form to discuss your fundraiser and specific auction items that will help you raise funds and increase donations. We will provide tips and advice throughout the auction process, including helping you to determine the opening bids for each of your fundraising items, how to promote the items and how you are guaranteed to make a profit on each and every sold auction item.
  • When you have chosen the items you wish to auction off at your fundraising event, we will email you your reservation form for the selected auction items and ship them to you at no cost! At Charity Fundraising, we believe in a program that allows your organization’s fundraising potential to increase with zero risk to you and zero risk to your organization.

2. Offer Items at your Fundraiser

  • We will ship all of the fundraising items you previously chose at no cost to you and they will arrive about 2 weeks prior to your event date, they are all custom framed and ready for display. Your supporters and donors can walk out of your fundraiser with the auction items the night of your event.

3. Profit! Raise Funds! Increase Donations!

  • The best part is that your organization receives 100% of the profits! Since an auction items sells for more than the consignment price, your organization will receive every dollar above that consignment price. For example, you sold an autographed record album at your fundraiser for $800 that had a consignment price of $300, your organization would profit by $500! It really is that simple…profit, raise funds and increase donations!
  • After your fundraiser, simply let us know if there were any auction items that did not sell. We will pay for the return shipping and ensure you have the material necessary to send the items back.