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It’s a Family Affair – Athletic Themed Auction Items for Your Next School Fundraiser

The fall season is a ripe time for school fundraising. Our advice? Focus on athletic themed auction items. Why? School fundraising auction items should be of interest to the guests. During this time of year, American families are enthralled with

Thanksgiving Movie Weekends Offer Insights on What Makes a Silent Auction Item Successful

Thanksgiving – the five-day mini blockbuster weekend – beckons in some of the best movies of the year. These movies also make up some of our most successful silent auction items to date! For more than three decades, since the

The Best Ways to Showcase Autographed School Fundraising Items

  School fast approaches. August is here! Schools need our support. School auction ideas like autographed sports and celebrity memorabilia actually support our schools and raise funds? Here are the facts… Education causes makes up a little less than 20% of all

Secrets to Selecting Successful Fundraising Items for your next Non-Profit Auction

Non-profit organizations bring people together to learn, raise awareness, problem solve, and celebrate success. A traditional and widely used way non-profits fundraise is through auctions. But accomplishing a successful auction can be a difficult task. Quality fundraising items are at