Here at Charity Fundraising, we have a great selection of Baseball Themed Silent Auction Items (autographed items from Willie Mays and Yogi Berra to name a few).

As I thought about the rich history of Baseball in light of yet another season coming to an end, it got me thinking about why baseball has stayed timeless and been so loved by America.

The more I considered the games attributes, the clearer it became to me that the nonprofit world could learn a thing or two from the beloved sport. This is specifically true in regards to creating a successful silent auction event.

So what does the game have to offer?

Patience. Perseverance. And passion.


Warning: this blog post does not have “five quick steps” the will make your next fundraiser improve by a certain percentage.

However, these attributes we will discuss are the most overlooked and yet the most indispensable to a nonprofit, especially when the organization is in the mire of auction event planning.

Without these attributes, you can’t be successful. With these attributes, you can reach any goal you set.


Cubs’ fans waited from more than a 100 years for their team to win the World Series. They never waned in their fervor for their team or for the game.

Likewise, it’s important to realize that it takes time to create a successful event.

From a broader point of view, it takes time to reach your goals you’ve set for helping your cause.

But little by little – perhaps year-by-year – event planning will come together more efficiently and effectively.

And consequently, you will get closer to helping your cause.

So don’t be discouraged in your second year, third year, or even fourth or fifth year of hosting a specific kind of event.

Live or silent auctions especially take time.

There are many components to develop: building a team with specialized jobs, understanding your audience’s interests, and executing the logistics of the event.

Start simple. And build with patience.

If the Cubs can do it, so can you.


In the game of Baseball, there is no clock. Basically, as long as a team is willing to fight, they are still in the game.

Each inning, like each fundraiser, is just another step in procuring the victory. Sometimes they leave you stagnant; sometimes there is progress, other times you may even fall behind.

It’s important to attempt to do these events annually, or at the very least every other year. The more you host them the better you will become and the more you will create a loyal audience (and continues to invite more people who care about your cause!).

But the important thing is that you keep going! This may be a simple point, but perseverance is the attribute that comes when you have the patience to see beyond the current event your nonprofit is in the midst of executing.

There is no clock – just a cause worth fighting for.


Baseball is the sport of the Comeback Kids!

Any team can make a comeback…at any time (remember, this is no clock).

Football doesn’t usually have four interceptions and four touchdowns in a matter of minutes. Hockey is basically over after a three-point lead is taken. Basketball is determined by the amount of time left on the clock.

In baseball, the player’s passion is the determining factor between “pulling it out” or “throwing in the towel”.

Passion is the name of the game for baseball – and it’s the case with the nonprofit game as well. Every auction event is only as good as the passion that your team can put into it!

Remember: patience, perseverance, and passion will get your team were it needs to go! Enjoy the wondrous World Series and all the attributes the game has to offer you… and your cause.

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