Charity Fundraising is pleased to offer these rare hand drawn and autographed sketches from some of the worlds biggest celebrities. Imagine offering your supporters a sketch of "Snoopy" from creator and animator Charles Schulz or a self portrait sketch done by U2 lead singer Bono. These sketches are highly sought after collector items that are sure to drive funding for your cause at your silent auction.

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Best Sellers


Signed and Drawn by: Charles Schulz (d. 2/12/2000) sketch of "Snoopy"

BONO – “Self Portrait”

Signed & Drawn by: Bono “Self Portrait” sketch

JOHNNY DEPP – “Self Portrait”

Signed & Drawn by: Johnny Depp “Self Portrait” sketch

STAN LEE – “Spiderman”

Signed and Drawn by: Stan Lee sketch of "Spiderman"

Matt Groening – “Bart Simpson”

Signed and Drawn by: Matt Groening sketch of "Bart Simpson"

TREY PARKER – “Eric Cartman”

Signed and Drawn by: Trey Parker sketch of "Eric Cartman"


Signed and Drawn by: Seth MacFarlane sketch of "Stewie"