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Stranger Things and ’80s Fever in Full Force – Popular Autographed Auctions

Our Stranger Things autographed poster for charity fundraising auctions is a bestseller. Our charity fundraising partners flock to this item in interest. Now, that shouldn’t surprise us too much… Stranger Things has captivated millions of viewers.   Stranger Things Autographed

3 Ways Travel Packages & VIP Experiences Maximize Fundraising Auction Profits

The Travel Bug. It seems that everyone has one these days. Whether your guests are looking for an adventure or need a hiatus from the humdrum day VIP Experiences and Travel Packages are the perfect solution! Part of the beauty

Free Resources to Promote Your Silent Auction Items

I know what you’re thinking. You’re skeptical about that word “Free” in the title, aren’t you? Since, as you know, nothing in this world is free. Everything – from social media platforms, business relationships, to online marketing – takes time

Fundraising Auction Items & Events Assist in Year End Giving Strategy

The upward trend in philanthropy worldwide continues to increase, according to Google research. And as social media use and online fundraising ideas are cultivated and expanded, so does online giving. Fundraising Auction Items and events hosted by non-profits continue to