I know what you’re thinking. You’re skeptical about that word “Free” in the title, aren’t you?

Since, as you know, nothing in this world is free. Everything – from social media platforms, business relationships, to online marketing – takes time and energy!

And time is money.

But here us out…

What if there were accessible resources that would promote your silent auction items that didn’t cost you a cent to utilize?

Accessibility is the prerequisite to time and money.

Charity Fundraising is excited to share with you 5 accessible resources to promote your silent auction items.

These resources are accessible to your nonprofit RIGHT NOW!

Are you ready to find out?

Let’s start!

  1. Social Media

Social Media is a powerful platform to reach your donors. According to Pew Research Center 79 percent of online American adults use Facebook. It is believed that about 1 in 4 online adults are on Twitter, increasing with upcoming generations at a rapid rate.

Here are five practical ways to utilize Facebook for your next silent auction:

Create a Facebook Event – not just the landing page or post.
Update your Facebook page and Event regularly regarding your silent auction.
Invite all your followers. Make the effort to encourage specifically interested attendees to invite others.
Highlight your best silent auction items. Create anticipation.
Pin the post with the most important details to the top of your page. Facebook users don’t typically scroll through a Facebook Event’s posts. The two-three posts on the top of the page get the most traffic.

Here are three practical ways to utilize Twitter for your next silent auction:

Utilize hashtags. #TheyAreUsed and #TheyAreHelpful
Embrace the Visual (photos and video). It is King. Pictures embody a thousand words through one glance.
Be concise. People use Twitter to gain quick information.

  1. The Internet: a Wealth of Information

What information does the Internet hold for non-profits? Templates, expert advice, examples and more! Ok, so this point has a limitless amount of accessible resource, here we’ve named a few:

  1. Your Supporters (Sponsors and word of mouth)

Don’t forget how much you have poured into your supporters as they have similarly poured into your cause. Don’t forget that you have this symbiotic relationship at your disposal.

Nothing is as important in this life as human relationships are. Together, we change the world. Many hands get much more done than few hands. Together, we can help one another that may be facing fiscal, emotional, physical, or social hardships; we can care for the planet; we can speak for the animals that need representation… the list can go on and on. Community is at the core of a non-profit.

Help your supporters be involved with your silent auction! Spread the news and ask for their help! Here are a few accessible options:

  • Newsletter email blasts
  • Face-to-face requests from trusted sponsors
  • Promoting at local events and clubs
  • Media partners in media sponsorships/press coverage
  • Press releases 
  1. Zero–Risk Guarantee

We saved the kicker for last.


What if you had full access to priceless Autographed Celebrity, Music and Sports Memorabilia and exclusive VIP Experiences and Vacation Packages for your next silent auction with NO RISK?

With Charity Fundraising, you DO have that!

We offer a zero-risk guarantee for all of our auction items. That means that no matter how small or large the non-profit, how small or large the event, every customer we work with who does not sell our auction item receives a full refund and free shipping of the auction item.

Yeah. It’s that good.

Promote your silent auction items by increasing the quality of the auction items itself with Charity Fundraising!