School Auction Items From Charity Fundraising Assist Over 500 Schools in 2013 to Increase Revenue. 

Schools across the map depend on fundraising to help keep them running successfully. In a sluggish economy many districts have “pay-to-play” extracurricular programming like band and athletics.  Fundraisers are a necessity for students and families that participate in afterschool clubs like this.  The easy way schools try to make a profit is by having bake sales, car washes and the like.

Charity Fundraising helps schools reach another level in raising money. Charity Fundraising supports charities, non-profit organizations and schools by helping them with fundraising ideas and providing auction items to create a profitable experience at their school auction. In the past year Charity Fundraising has used their experience in providing school fundraising ideas to help over 500 schools create successful fundraisers.

Phillip Ryan, Charity Fundraising’s Director of Media Relations states, “We love working with schools to help them generate support and revenue. Our company does our best to provide authentic school auction items and effective advice for fundraisers. Our experience has shown that parents typically bid on items for their children.  Sheet music signed by Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber; autographed photos by the cast of “Harry Potter,” “The Avengers” and “Twilight” or VIP experiences like attending The Kids Choice Awards or World Series are just a few of the popular items we offer for school fundraising.”

Charity Fundraising will send the school auction items to the event free of charge and ready for display. All items come with an exclusive certificate of authenticity and matching numbered authentication holograms. With their zero-risk consignment basis, schools will also get 100 percent of the profits. If any items do not sell, Charity Fundraising pays for return shipping.

This fundraising organization has years of experience with helping to provide fundraising ideas and items for schools. If you want to work with a great partner and increase your revenue fast at a no-risk consignment basis contact Charity Fundraising today.

Since 2006, Charity Fundraising has served over 5,000 charities, schools and non-profits worldwide, providing fundraising ideas and silent charity auction items to help them exceed all fundraising goals with zero cost and zero risk to the non-profit. In 2012 the company’s no risk auction items raised over $4 million at silent auctions, fundraisers and other charity auctions worldwide. Visit Charity Fundraising at https://www.cfr1.org/