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3 Ways Autographed Sports Memorabilia Appeals to your Silent Auction Guests

Finding silent auction items for nonprofit fundraisers haven’t ever been this easy. Our no-risk auction items guarantees safety for your nonprofit when you use our consignment auction items. (That means we will ship all of the fundraising items you previously

Seasonal Silent Auction Items – Getting the most out of your VIP Experience Packages and Autographed Sports Memorabilia

Whether you’re looking for your last Silent Auction Item for your up and coming event or you’ve just begun looking, procuring zero-risk VIP Experience Packages and Autographed Sports Memorabilia is hard to pass up. But what makes a silent auction

Re-Packaging Auction Items: Utilizing your Charity Fundraising Items to their fullest

Running a fundraiser is one thing, running a fundraiser smoothly is another thing, and running a fundraiser to the fullest success it can be is an entirely different story. Running a fundraiser takes a lot of work. It takes a