Though it is always preferred to contact local businesses in person when soliciting donations and charity auction items for your upcoming live or silent auction, sometimes it’s just not practical.

When a visit or a phone call isn’t an option, a well-crafted, thoughtful and brief donation letter is an effective tool for procuring auction items that sell well.

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We have included a sample donation letter to assist you in creating your very own.








Download a Sample Donation Letter


Tips for Crafting Your Auction Donation Letter

1. Be sure to address the letter to the decision maker.  This may require a phone call or some research but it will ensure that the letter gets to the right person and will speed up your process. Using terminology like “to whom it may concern” is not suggested.

2. Introduce your cause and share your mission. Share a quote from the community you help.  It is possible that the organization you are soliciting is not familiar with your group.

3. Be specific in your request if possible.  Select a charity auction item, budget or option that is feasible for the organization to donate.  If this is the primary contact you have with the organization, keep requests to a minimum.

4. Provide your contact information. Include links to your websites and any event-specific information that you can share.

5. Thank your donors. Always, always, always, thank the organization for their consideration, their time and their investment in your cause.

6. Some general guidelines.  Your letter should be one page or less and always utilize spell check.  Save your letters to each organization so that you can refer to them year after year as you plan upcoming events.

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