Whether you’re looking for your last Silent Auction Item for your up and coming event or you’ve just begun looking, procuring zero-risk VIP Experience Packages and Autographed Sports Memorabilia is hard to pass up.

But what makes a silent auction item secure the highest possible bid?

Is there strategy involved with picking the best auction item out of all the possibilities?

Here’s a secret…

VIP Experience Packages and Autographed Sports Memorabilia go for higher bids when they are in season.

Now, you may be asking yourself: “How are auction items seasonal?”

(Here’s a hint: think “Sport Season”)

You want to curate a list of silent auction items that will excite your audience.

Not only should your auction items be tailored to the interests of your audience, they should also be tailored to the current interests of your audience!

This concept plays out heavily in the field of Autographed Sports Memorabilia and VIP Experience Packages…

VIP Experience Packages are most exciting to your guests when the experience is already on the guest’s mind.

When are you thinking about the Superbowl? In the middle of the summer before preseason is even on your mind? Or in the height of the playoffs when your team is doing well?

Would you buy box seat tickets to a Yankees game when they are headed to the playoffs? Does that sound more appealing then in the dead of winter? The same question can be applied to a Golf Master Tournament, the NBA Championship and the list goes on and on.

While you don’t want the VIP Experience Package to be scheduled for the following weekend (that’s too short notice!), it’s important to strategically auction off items that will be of current interest to your audience.

Autographed Sports Memorabilia is the celebration of memories and achievement. The worth we ascribe to material items is subjective. That’s why signed memorabilia has the power of being priceless.

Past experiences – memories – are not always felt or remembered with the same fervor at all times.

Sports bring out that zeal in many people. The smell of fall leaves can get some people itching to watch a football game.

Whether it is Willie Mays and Yogi Berra on the baseball field or Arnold Palmer on the greens, the giants and heroes of our past speak louder when we are reminded of what they did.

VIP Experience Packages and Autographed Sports Memorabilia can and should be tailored to your audience’s current interest. Out of Charity Fundraising’s dozens of zero-risk options, we can help you find the perfect silent auction item for your next event.