Charity is from the heart. Whether it is for a cause of great scope and magnitude or for one person in need, hosting a benefit auction that is successful requires much preparation and consideration. Coordinating volunteers, providing proper entertainment, and simply organizing and finding auction items and packages that are creative and engaging to your supporter are important jobs that must be done effectively to ensure the successfulness of your event.

At Charity Fundraising, we specialize in providing the essentials that help you create a profitable event, tailored to the interests of your supporters. Whether we are working with charities, schools, or non-profit organizations, we provide ways to showcase your items, how to market your upcoming benefit and more. If you are looking for new benefit auction ideas that are creative and strategic, Charity Fundraising can assist you in taking your event to the next level.

Benefit auction ideas can vary depending on the audience you are trying to reach. Gift cards and gym memberships just do not cut it anymore. Charity Fundraising understands that dilemma. That is why we offer a variety of VIP Experiences, Vacation Packages, and autographed items that can thrill any diverse crowd. On top of planning the benefit auction and auction items, there are many more ideas that can help your event be more powerful and profitable. Venue choice, marketing tips, and online auctions are just some of the ideas that can also be thought out and planned with the help from our fundraising professionals.

Charity Fundraising has served worldwide, stretching over 5,000 charities, schools and non-profits. Lending a hand to make a difference, Charity Fundraising, through benefit auction ideas and silent charity auction items, has been able to help these organizations exceed all fundraising goals with zero cost and zero risk to the non-profit.

If you would like more information about benefit auction ideas please contact Michael, Fundraising Manager at Charity Fundraising, at assistant@cfr1.org