People get things done because they are motivated. It is important for your non-profit to understand and utilize major motivators in their fundraising efforts.

Here are four powerful motivators to consider in your fundraising efforts:

  1. Curiosity – Communications

Most non-profits send out boring communications. When donors see our letters, emails, and ads, they know they are receiving one of three things:

  1. News Update
  2. Fundraising solicitation
  3. A thank you note

Getting any of those three things does not make a person swell up with exuberant excitement. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that many people throw away our newsletters and delete our emails. Some donors consider reading our communications as a favor to us.

Let’s face it – keeping your donors engaged and interested is not easy. But, have you tried to harness the power of curiosity to get people’s attention?

Marketers understand how to utilize the power of curiosity. Have you ever seen an ad online that started “Use this weird trick to…” ? That article title was not selected by chance. Most people want to know – “what is that weird trick?” Most people can’t resist the urge to find out.

Utilizing that curiosity bug may look different for a non-profit organization, but the tool is not for the for-profit industry alone!

  1. Recognition – Sponsorships

Sponsorships are key to any fundraising event. We like to have our sponsors believe in our cause – of course – but it is important to not forget about the symbiotic relationship that you and your sponsors hold. It is important to remember this for two reasons. First, it has to be a priority for you to recognize and give credit your sponsors at your event. And second, recognition for your sponsors is a key asset for your non-profit in recruiting more sponsors. All too often organizations rely heavily on a couple of sponsors that support their mission for years, only to fall to pieces the moment one of those sponsor cannot continue to help them.

  1. Creativity – Ad Campaigns

Innovation, new ideas, creativity! Changing and reinventing your ad campaigns motivates your donors and prospects. First, it shows them that you serious about your organization and that you are constantly trying to improve and help more people. Your excitement and desire to make a difference is contagious. Regardless, nobody wants to support a non-profit that isn’t excited about their own cause.

  1. Camaraderie – Retaining Donors

Don’t underestimate the motivation of camaraderie within your organization. People want to be apart of something bigger than themselves. People like to be apart of a team! Making your donors feel like they are apart of your team is a crucial motivator. Get your donors involved in more ways than asking them to send a check. Meet with them face to face, ask your donors for advice, and let them know what their efforts are doing to make a difference.