Planning a Charity Fundraising event takes a lot of time and a lot of people. Many nonprofits start planning their next year’s annual charity auction event a week or two after they finish that year’s event.

But has your organization ever considered mobile bidding? Mobile bidding can be an inexpensive and efficient way of executing a silent auction event, especially if there is a silent auction and a live auction portion of the event!

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Here are the four reasons why we think mobile bidding is something to consider:

1) Spend less time planning –

There is an almost unending to-do list that must be taken care of before a big charity fundraiser event. Why not take a large chunk of those items off your list? Mobile bidding streamlines the process. There is less to worry about when a significant portion of the logistics of the event is consolidated and implemented by an already existing, online platform.

2) Spend more time engaging your donors –

Freeing up your organization’s time before the event gives your team an opportunity to make more points of contact with your prospective guests and long time donors. Focus on what your teams does best. And focus on what is most important! You’re donors – the relationships that make or break your organization.

3) Make it easy for your donors –

Today, we are connected to our phones. Mobile bidding ten years ago would have been a nightmare. Few people would have been comfortable making bids and purchases online. Few people would know how to use their phones to bid! But today, the user interface onĀ  mobile bidding platforms are superb. Guests feel more confident, more in control, and more relaxed when they can use their trusted phone to keep on top of their bids! Make it easy for your donors from start to finish – from the bidding process to the checkout process.

4) Make it easier on yourself –

Go paperless. Consolidate all the bidding information in one platform. The end of the night is much smoother when all the logistics of the auction have been already taken care of. Not only will mobile bidding help your team have less upfront work, it will make the night easier too!


What Mobile Bidding Platform should you use?

Fundly compiled a list of some of the most well-received bidding platforms, many of which are free!

    1. OneCause
    2. Double the Donation
    3. ClickBid
    4. Accelevents
    5. BiddingOwl
    6. BiddingForGood
    7. SchoolAuction
    8. WinningCause


Want to learn more about mobile bidding? Contact Charity Fundraising today so we can discuss the options available and how our auction items are the perfect fit for using this mobile bidding option.