Non-profits are beginning to grasp how key an online presence is to the success of their organization. However, there are many ways for a non-profit to bolster their online presence.

Each avenue, whether it be the myriad social media platforms, a website, blogging, or special interest groups, takes time to cultivate. For many non-profits, there is not enough manpower to put the maximum amount of time into every avenue the Internet holds.

So the question becomes: what are the best avenues to focus on to have a successful online presence for your non-profit?

Here at Charity Fundraising, we believe that having a blog for your non-profit is key in having a successful online presence and connection with your supporters. Here are the 3 answers to the question “Why a Blog?”

1) Social media is not your own platform

What does this mean? It means that your information and interactions with your supporters resides elsewhere than on your website. When your non-profit uses social media, you information is competing for the attention of your supporters, who are being bombarded with other pieces of information, whether it is from ads or from their friends and family or from other social interest groups. Reading a quick blurb of relevant news from your nonprofit is a nice update, but it may be forgotten in the muddle of the newsfeed. In short, social media does not, singularly, give your nonprofit a solid connection with your supporters. Social media can be an effective outlet for promoting upcoming events like silent auctions and benefits.

2) Blog brings them to your home

A blog builds a more concrete connection than social media. If you think of social media as the “hook and line”, think of a blog as the “sinker.” Since non-profit organizations are built on having strong relationships with their supporters, it is important to think of your interactions with your supporters with the mindset of building strong relationships – even if those interactions are online.

For example, it is nice to run into a friend at a grocery store and chat. It is even nicer to meet your friend out for coffee. Both are different levels of interaction and commitment to conversing. One is unintentional and the other is intentional. Now just imagine how much more meaningful and intentional it is to opening up your home to your friend, have them over for dinner, and share a long conversation.

That is what a blog on a website can do for you – it allows your non-profit to invite your supporters to your home-base to learn more about your cause: your accomplishments from the past, your plans for the future and accomplishments, the progress and the goals, the struggles and the victories. It sets your time apart from the distractions of the world – work, family, friends, and other interests and responsibilities.

3) Blog brings you more exposure

A blog gives your supporters a reason to go to your website. When they are there, your non-profit receives an immense amount of extra “screen-time.” Regular patrons will constantly be seeing the information in the sidebar and homepage about volunteering for this or that event, donating, spreading the word for your new campaign, etc. This screen-time will bring more exposure to your non-profit by sheer volume of information each supporter will take in just by visiting your site!