Are our silent auctions items interesting enough?

Will our supporters attend our auction?

If they come, will they participate and bid?

Will we meet the fundraising goal at the event? If not, will we loose money?

These are the biggest worries that arise when nonprofits plan for their next big event.

And they aren’t wrong to do so!

Fundraising events can be daunting.

Attendees love events that are memorable, entertaining, inspiring, and energizing.

But how do you make sure that you give your attendees what they want?

Timing and technology add entertainment and energy to your event, quality silent auction items makes the memories, but it is your story and cause that inspires your audience.

We are here to help make things memorable, entertaining and energizing! But don’t forget that your cause is at the root of what makes your event special.

Today, we’re going to focus on how to get your donors to engage and participate through technology and timing!



“Technology” – It’s such a general word.

What are some of the ways that we use “technology” for a silent auction event?

To name a few…

Selling event tickets online, automating bidding, using a Live Thermometer, and streamlining checkouts.

Ok… so why use technology?

Technology makes your event easier for you AND for your guests.

Technology increases your revenue.

AND it improves the guest experience.

Creating an overall experience of ease and accessibility for your supporters from start to finish is a way to take care of your guests. This can be done through selling event tickets online before the event and streamlining checkouts after the event.

But in this article, we are going to look at the ways technology can help increase revenue and improve guest experience during the event.

Two vital ways to increase revenue and improve guest experience during the event is through Texting Donations and utilizing a Live Thermometer.



According to MobileCause, $167 is the average donation amount when using text to donate.

We utilize our mobile devices constantly.

It’s our primary form of communication; it holds our personal information from pictures, music taste, credit card information, etc.

Additionally, guests appreciate when you give them something to do.

And while they may be very engaged in your event, the average person has an attention span of 8 seconds.

This means that your guests will undoubtedly be looking at their phone during your event.

So why not have them check up on their silent auction bids or make a donation while they are on their smart phone?


(Live) Thermometer

According to MobileCause, There is a 35% increase in event donations when adding a live event thermometer

You have a fundraising goal for your event – why not share that goal with your supporters?

After all, they showed up to your event to help you accomplish that goal!

A Live Thermometer creates excitement and shares the individual moments of giving with the collective.

The Live Thermometer gives a strong call-to-action and invites everyone to participate by encouraging any amount of donation ($1 to $10,000).  The Thermometer acknowledges the important fact that “every bit counts”.

Pre-determined seed pledges by loyal donors throughout the night will help keep momentum as well as bring excitement.

It creates a visual for your guests to see what we can do together. This adds to the inclusive feeling of the night and a sense of unity.



 Momentum is so important.

Timing is everything at an event.

With all the excitement that comes from planning an event, it’s easy to get caught up with nervously rushing through it all in real-time.

Make sure you warm up slow, and don’t close too soon!


Warm Up

Most guests won’t be on time.

Few people will be ready to make their bid within the first 10 minutes of arriving.

Socializing and enjoying the event is an important component of the night for your guests.

It’s not a fast transactional event.

If it were, your donors would stay home and donate by a click of a button. But according to research, 80% of people believe it’s important to come together in person to support a cause.

Give your guests time to warm up and come together, as well as time to browse your auction.


… And don’t close too soon!

It’s a common belief that silent auctions must be closed before the live auction can be started. This could not be farther than the truth.

They work in tandem, not in opposition.

Additionally, mobile bidding creates a freer environment. Your bidders will feel more inclined to leave the silent auction when they know they can check up on their bids.

Another misconception is that silent auctions should be quickly closed before the event’s program starts.

Remember, it’s always better to keep the silent auction open longer and keep the program shorter.

A silent auction can seem overwhelming – whether your nonprofit has done 2 or 25 in the past.

But we are here to help!

Exciting and interesting silent auction items makes your event not only engaging and entertaining, but also memorable – even after the event has ended.

Contact us for more information on our risk-free auction items for your next fundraiser!