With the myriad of possibilities, how do you know what will be a successful fundraising item for your next silent auction?

It’s a valid question. Auction after auction seems to have adequate and mediocre silent auction items.

So what makes a silent auction item successful? The secret to successful silent auction items is tapping into a priceless commodity – experience.

Experience is a priceless commodity.

No one can take away a person’s past experiences. And though money may give the means to experience new and exciting opportunities, money cannot buy you an experience – you have to live it out for yourself.

That’s the beauty of experience! We all experience life differently. We all are impacted by life uniquely.

That is why experience is powerful. Your silent auction items will speak loudly to your guests if you give them the opportunity to experience or re-live their passions.

Give your guests the reins to pick what they want to experience. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Adventure –
    Whether the adventure is home or abroad, alone or in a group, physical, or intellectual, who doesn’t love adventure? An experience filled with adventure is the great equalizer. Adventure and wonder appeals to everyone.
    An array of Vacation Packages or VIP Experiences full adventure and fun will be a sure success at your next silent auction.
  • Refreshment
    Rest and Relaxation. Our lives are busy and hectic. Offering your guests a chance to take a moment for their own restoration is an experience they may not have as much as they wish in their every day life. Get-away weekends full of spa packages, fine wine and dining, and scenic vistas – what’s not to love?
  • Revisited –
    Memorabilia is important because it reminds us of our passions – be that music, the arts, sports, etc. Autographed Memorabilia Silent Auction Items essentially “piggy-back” to the already-loved experiences and passions of your guests.