Golf fundraisers create one of the best atmospheres for silent auction events. The best silent auction items for a golf fundraiser reaffirm and enable this atmosphere.

So what atmosphere does a Golf outing create?

First, Golfing events incite excitement and competition.

On the morning of a golf fundraiser, the air is full of excitement, anticipation, and perhaps even some nerves for those who are about to play with a group of friends again. It could be a year since this group has played together. Who has improved? What’s everyone’s level of game this year?

Second, they paradoxically create a relaxed and meandering environment.

The excitement is there, but the excitement one receives from a golf outing isn’t the type of excitement that builds up before the gun blows at a Kentucky derby race. In golf, the pace is slow.  It’s an all-day event. No one is racing to be done with the event.

Thirdly, People love to network and socialize during a golf outing.

Major business connections can be made on the golf course. Lifelong friendships originate or are bounded together through time on the greens. Socializing and networking is a huge part of charity golf events.

And finally, the warm summer weather is utilized to its fullest potential.

It’s summer. What’s not to love?

…OK, OK, I’m sure your wondering, “what does this atmosphere have to do with the best silent auction items for my next fundraiser?”

We’ll get to it, but this is important! – This atmosphere breeds friendly competition on a slow pace with engagement and chatter throughout the event.

The best silent auction items come alongside this atmosphere and increase its potency.

It goes to say, then, that the best silent auctions will incite competition and excitement.

We have seen that RARE auction items do this best.

Incite competition by showcasing RARE silent auction items.

RARE silent auction items are Relevant, Adventurous, Recognizable, and Exclusive.

That seems simple enough right?

1. Event Specific Items auction items: Be Relevant. Know your audience. Golf outing create a bit of a one-track mind in your guests.

This is VERY good… it also comes with negatives. These guests have taken the entire morning – and probably entire day – to come to your event. They are thinking about golf. They are playing golf. And they probably are talking about golf.

So why not give them the opportunity to bid on a coveted golf item?

A beautiful golf bag or a new set of clubs won’t be the biggest seller at your silent auction.

But it will be a conversation piece in the guest’s topic.

It will produce traffic towards your silent auction area because people will want to check out the quality of the new Callaway or Cobra or Ping golf clubs.

It will most likely be sold. If golfers are known for any cliché, it is for always being in the mood to buy more golf equipment.

Golf Fundraiser - Silent Auction Items

2. Experiences and Vacation Packages: Bring adventure.

Competition doesn’t get stirred up by wine baskets and a trip to some local restaurant for a luxurious evening. Silent auction items that match the competition and pace of a golf outing are those that give anticipation.

VIP Experience and Vacation Packages can offer wine! But rather than in a basket, why not a give them the adventure of a winery and olive oil press tour & tasting in the hills of Tuscany? Or what about offering Ultimate British Open Golf Experience, exclusive access to Pebble Beach and Brandon Dunes, or an Ireland Golf Adventure?

We recommend that you keep your Experiences and Vacation Package offers to a “summer focused” theme. A ski trip to the Alps does not necessarily sound too appealing when the sun is warm, the fields are green, and the air is crisp.

silent auction items for golf tournaments

3. Sports Autographed Memorabilia: Make it Recognizable.

A signed music sheet from Lady Gaga might not have the same effect on nor be as recognizable to your golf attendees as a LeBron James Signed and Framed Sports Memorabilia.

Though intrigue isn’t always bad, it’s never good for the majority of your guests to ask “who/what is that?” at one of you silent auction tables.

This is also because you want your guests to be able to chat together about the silent auction items as they socialize and network.

silent auction items

4. Autographed Golf Memorabilia: Be Exclusive.

This is a major seller at silent auction events at golf fundraisers. Exclusivity drives the bids home (pun intended). The Masters Legends Limited Edition Flag showcases some of the greatest golf players: Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, and Jack Nicklaus.

These types of autographed silent auction items are a once in a lifetime opportunity. Your guests see that.

Masters Golf Tournament Auction Items

(Side note: Exclusivity also has to do with how many silent auction items you present at one outing! Remember, this is a golf fundraiser, not an auction house event. Putting up only the best – the most relevant, adventurous, and recognizable – auction items on display won’t hurt in the long game. 4-8 items are a good rule of thumb. Believe us, that is plenty.)

So remember, the best silent auction items for your golf fundraiser are items that are RARE. These items enable a sense of competition and chatter on lazy summer days – the perfect silent auction items for your charity golfing event that epitomize the golf atmosphere.

Looking for the best silent auction items for your next golf fundraiser? Contact Charity Fundraising for assistance.