This should be one of those familiar blog posts you’ve seen circulating, reminding you to support independent small businesses like ours right now.

But, you know what? Honestly? First, take care of yourselves at this time. Yes, it’s important to stimulate the economy. It’s critical to support companies so that people can retain their jobs, make money, and provide for their families. Still, you don’t owe anybody anything in this unprecedented moment. Half of Americans’ jobs are severely affected, if not eliminated, in the coming weeks. You know how on the airplane, the safety video tells you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you help anyone else with theirs? Same logic applies here. We need you to be okay and stabilized before you save others.

We built this brand from the ground up and miraculously kept it afloat for 9 years. We’re gonna continue to shamelessly market to you, unabashedly sell you great product, and try to keep our business strong and healthy for as long as we can. That’s literally our job. It’s also our responsibility to our families, staff, and anyone else who relies on that money to roll in.

Likewise, it is your job to defend and protect yourself and your loved ones. Even if that means not supporting someone’s small business right now, including ours. Plus, we’d rather you stack your chips and cash them when you’re feeling confident and complete. We got plenty of hits on the way.

We want to Thank You for providing a living for the Charity Fundraising team over the years. It’s been our pleasure to assist you with the best charity auction items on the planet. We plan on our relationship continuing for a very long time. They’re gonna have to drag us outta here. We’re in this together.