Tips from Charity Fundraising.

Unique and new silent auction ideas are easy to find with the help of Fundraising Professional, Michael Gordon from Charity Fundraising. When planning your upcoming silent auction make your theme and your guests a priority when selecting your silent auction items.

The Event Theme: Your organization may choose to showcase items that fit the theme of the organization.  For example, if you are a local animal shelter and the your donors and guests are animal lovers, it would be fitting to offer items like a gift certificate to a pet spa or kennel, gift baskets filled with grooming supplies and toys or even pet themed keepsakes.

The Organization’s Theme: Many silent auction events have a specific theme like Stars and Stripes for the USO. For this event, the items showcased may include themed items like historic memorabilia, patriotic items and Americana items.

The Guests: It’s important to audit your guest list when developing your silent auction ideas.  If your event is a school fundraiser and the room is filled with parents, teachers and community members, you may want to select a large assortment of items that have relatively low starting bids. This will give the majority of the guests the opportunity to bid without feeling overwhelmed by a few items with high starting bids.  Items to consider for this scenario may include a selection of themed gift baskets, gift cards or school and community themed items.   These items can be complimented by one or two high-end items like an autographed guitar or a movie poster.

However, if your event is attended by primarily high-end donors, it’s important to showcase unique items like VIP experiences, luxury vacations and autographed memorabilia.  These items drive high bids creating revenue for your organization.

Below are eight helpful themes to get your silent auction ideas started.

  1. Entertainment – restaurant, movies, theatre performances
  2. Food & Wine – non-perishable food items, wine, samples of exotic beers, bar or cooking tools, recipe books, food journals, cooking class gift certificates, BBQ, year supply of fruit, chocolate, etc.
  3. Magazine Subscriptions
  4. Kids – board games, treats, inflatables, party entertainment, toy store gift certificates, visits from Santa, toys, DVD’s, video games, outdoor play sets, baby supplies, amusement park tickets
  5. Home & Garden – gift certificate to a local nursery, landscape design services, yard/lawn maintenance certificate, picnicware, fire pit and supplies, planting bench, gardening supplies, porch swing, Adirondack chairs, hammocks, lawn mower, snow blower, grills, patio furniture, maid services, handyman certificate, art, room makeovers, electronics, tableware like fine crystal, handmade quilts, holiday decorations
  6. For Ladies – jewelry-custom, handmade, costume and fine, spa certificates, scarves, handbags, teeth whitening,
  7. For Gentlemen – luxury shaving supplies, luggage, travel items, sports memorabilia, golf gifts, gym memberships, fishing excursion, tools, car washes, car detailing
  8. Miscellaneous items – hot tub rental, musical performance in your home, catering in your home, weekend timeshare, getaway packages, hot air balloon rides, horse drawn carriage ride, gift certificate for tax preparation, autographed record albums, historic memorabilia

With the help of Charity Fundraising, your silent auction ideas will be a success.  Contact Charity Fundraising today at 201-840-8777 to learn more.