With so many students involved in sports and extracurricular clubs it can be tough to show your support to every activity.  Furthermore, how many candy bars and magazines does one person need each year?  It’s interesting that no matter what the fundraising item, candy bars, wrapping paper, magazines or discount cards, certain schools and clubs see a wealth of success while others invest an excess of time with very little return.

It seems that the selection of the fundraising item isn’t as critical as you might think.  So what are the critical parts of executing a profitable, successful fundraiser for your school or extracurricular club?  The professionals at Charity Fundraising share their ideas for schools and athletic clubs to see fundraising success rather than fundraising failure.  We’ll begin with the most important tip for any school fundraiser:

  • Successful school fundraisers require leadership.  Coaches, school board members, teachers, PTO/PTA Board Members and other leaders within the school should step up and assist the players/students.
  • If you are going to have a fundraiser, do not have more than one fundraiser per school year.  Execute one fundraiser and execute it well.
  • Create a fundraising plan that can only yield success.  Set reasonable and obtainable goals that everyone involved can achieve.
  • Share your goals and the purpose of the fundraiser with everyone:  your players, your volunteers, your prospective supporters and the community.
  • Believe in the value of the fundraiser, the product and the time you invest.  Part of believing in the fundraiser includes having a positive attitude about the successes and failures along the way and the amount of time you invest in the project.
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to consult with a fundraising professional or another group that has more experience with the type of fundraiser you are attempting.  Other schools or teams in your community may have tips and advice to help you on your road to a successful school fundraiser that builds team spirit, generates funds and creates memories that students will keep with them for a lifetime.

Charity Fundraising welcomes your call to (201) 840-8777 to discuss fundraising ideas for your school or other non-profit group.  Charity Fundraising serves over 2,000 non-profits worldwide by providing fundraising ideas and items to help them exceed all of their fundraising goals.