Silent-Auction-Items-charity-fundraisingSilent auctions are a great way to help maximize the amount of funds you can raise during your fundraising event. While some fundraising events are fully built around their silent auction, you can help use your existing charity event and make a silent auction a key component to raise donations.

There is more to having a successful auction than just putting some items on a table with some paper and a few pens. A little planning will help make your event and silent auction a successful venture. First thing is get your fundraising team together and do a little brainstorming on what type of items everyone thinks would be a big hit with your donors. Next…think bigger. Do not let your event be limited to a few gift baskets. Go outside your comfort zone and have some higher end fundraising items available.

Once you have your items secured for your event take the time to make sure everyone who will be working the event is well versed as to what is being offered at the silent auction. Your event staff should be able to answer questions your donors may have about the items being offered.

Every item will need to have its own bid sheet made up along with a pen for your guests to place their bids. Each bid sheet should also contain a detailed description of the items being offered. If you have the staff it is also a great idea to station a person at each table to assist your guests in placing the proper bids on the items.

Many people often attend functions and end up not really moving from their assigned seat. A good way to help get these patrons into the action is to have a printed booklet featuring the items from the silent auction. This will help spark an interest and get guests to the tables to see the items. Also having your emcee announce throughout the evening the items that are available will help create a buzz in the room.

When the designated auction time is over have the bid sheets collected and have the high bidders check out and take their receipt to a representative to retrieve their item.