Silent auctions can be a little too silent.

Let’s be honest, when silent auctions are done poorly, they can be a real snooze.

So what makes a silent auction come to life?

Is it the venue?

Maybe it is the service provided – adequate food/drink menu?

An auction’s atmosphere, service and overall success vary greatly.

Any number of venues can become a compliment to a silent auction. The same can be said of the food and drink menu. Some silent auctions work best with drinks and hors d’oeuvres whereas some require a 3-course meal.

So what brings the spice to a silent auction?

It’s no surprise if you think about it long enough…

The answer is silent auction items.

Rope in your audience with quality auction items and will create buzz and excitement.

The lively atmosphere of a silent auction can be bolstered by additive components like a stunning venue or a fabulous catering service with the best wines and cocktails.

But without exciting auction items to foster competition, the event will be a flop (especially in regards to procuring high bids!).

So that settles it, right?

Procure exciting auction items!

However, acquiring a new set of auction items can be ridiculously difficult!

If the silent auction is annually, it can become even more difficult. Consistent sponsorship that have been built over time may help with this predicament, however, good but predictable auction items tend to loose their sparkle after a few annual events.

We can get tired of the wine baskets, gift card baskets, or “sports” baskets. Sometimes, people aren’t interested in taking a getaway vacation – they don’t have time for that!

So what will create buzz at your silent auction?


Now, we don’t mean, “hire a band to play at your next auction!” (Though, that might not be a terrible idea.)

Music memorabilia has been proven to make a lot of noise at silent auction events.


Music is timeless.

I remember listening to James Taylor in the car with my dad on lazy Sunday afternoon drives, coming home from football games in the early fall.

Music connects generations. In it’s own way, music is timeless.

Music is the shorthand of emotion, or so says Leo Tolstoy.

In music, we have felt our deepest pains and celebrated our fullest joys.

We express our inner angst and questioning.

Our universal desire to love and be loved is most palpable in song.

These minstrels, poets, and musicians, captivate, express, and ignite our hearts.

They are our heroes and our friends.

Music Memorabilia connects the fan to the artist further. It creates a tangible expression of one’s affiliation and attachment to music, and the artist in particular.

Showcasing music memorabilia at a charity fundraising event creates a unique and special blend of celebrating the arts while furthering a good cause.

We have seen first-hand how powerful that blend supports both parties involved. And we love it!

The autographed music memorabilia available from Charity Fundraising includes: autographed musician photos, record albums, sheet music and guitars from all music genres.

Contact us if you are interested in adding a zero-risk music memorabilia auction item to your next fundraising event!