Let’s go DO something!

Why are activities-based auction items so hot right now?

Experienced-based auction items usually do well at charity fundraising events. But in recent years, the demand for activities-based and experienced-based items has soared.

Obviously, there are many factors to why things trend at certain times and why others fall to the way-side for a season. We think there are some interesting reasons for this uptick..

For starters, the social climate of our world is changing. fast.

This past summer, we passed the 12th year of Apple phones being on the market.  Social media has revolutionized the way we all look at our relationships – the way we communicate with each other and the way we express ourselves.

Because of platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, we are all hyper connected.

But are we happier because of it?

Logging Off

According to a study done by Stanford and NYU, it was found that people who logged off Facebook and social media accounts caused “small but significant improvements in wellbeing”

“Getting away”

“Recharging in nature”

“Face-to-face interaction”

All these phrases strike a cord for those of us who are tied to the buzz of our phones and the alert pings of another email coming to our inbox…

With all the positive benefits that come with our ever-increasingly technologically advanced age, it might also have given us all more of an appetite for real, uninterrupted experiences.

Food Festivals and Wine Tastings are a chance to have some of the old and new present –  Enjoying some favorites flavors as well as trying new things; reconnecting with with old friends and meeting new people!

Charity Auction Items - VIP Experiences & Vacation Packages -Newport Mansions Food and Wine Festival

NEWPORT MANSIONS WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL Newport, Rhode Island Mansions Wine & Food Festival with Marriott Resort 2-night stay for 2 (check in Friday; check out Sunday) in a standard guest room at 4-star accommodations in Newport, RI

The offer for a truly relaxing days at the spa with a friend or significant other sounds like heaven to many of us who are stretched to our limits – overexerted and overworked

LA COSTA #1 RESORT SPA IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 3-Night Luxury Stay in a 2,500 sq. ft. 3-Bedroom Villa for up to 8

There is a pull right now for relaxation and trying new things!



Furthermore, our hyper connected world shows us more options.

Many of us see our friends and family going and doing more, and it’s only natural to want to join in on the fun!

Now more than ever, we get to vicariously live through the adventures of those we “follow” on social media.

Today, there seems to be endless possibilities that are achievable by just about anybody!

The question on everyone’s mind is, “Why not?”

Why not go to see the Northern lights in Iceland?

ICELAND: LAND OF FIRE AND ICE – Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle, South Coast and Reykjavik City Tours, 5-Night Stay for 2

Why not  go explore Rome?

Charity Auction Items - VIP Experiences & Vacation Packages - Rome

ROME, ITALY – VATICAN VIP EXPERIENCE – Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Papal Audience Ceremony, Hotel Ponte Sisto 5-Night Stay for 2

Why not go see Hamilton on the stage?

Charity Auction Items - VIP Experiences & Vacation Packages -Hamilton On Broadway

HAMILTON ON BROADWAY Rear Mezzanine Hamilton Broadway Tickets, 3-Night Stay with Airfare for 2

We want to experience the things we see happening on our newsfeed. And why not?

Make it Easy!

These kinds of auctions items are a success for both your organization and your guests.

The reason why is simple: these auctions items make it easy!

For your guests, it is easy to explore, go on an adventure, and experience life when the details are already worked out for you! All they have to do is bid for the cause they already came to support!

And It is easy to acquire the items for you.

Contact Charity Fundraising today to request one of our Vacation and VIP Experience Packages listed above! There are also dozens of other trips and events to choose from at ZERO risk to your organization.