In this season, the world has slowed down. And as much as we want everything to be “back to normal,” many things just aren’t yet.

Intentional communication builds donor relationships, and never is that more needed or more true than in this particular time of life.

Intentional communication hits deeper during a time when we all crave meaningful interactions.

Hand Written Notes 

This is why we recommend hand written notes to build donor relationships! Here are four reasons for this kind of communication..

1) Face to Face Interaction is rarer

There are less auction events. There are less face-to-face meetings. People are distanced and there is so little opportunity to interact with donors, board of directors, and volunteers! This lack of human contact can weigh heavily on the life and energy of an organization that is fueled by these support systems! It’s important to make “touch points”, even more now than ever before.

2) Simple things matter more

Hand written letters to donors, sponsors, or volunteers seem too simple – too cumbersome. They, by nature, don’t have too much information in each letter and they take time to write! Sometimes, however, nonprofits only “information dump” onto their supporters. There needs to be both simple interactions as well as in-depth communication given to supporters.

Additionally, simple things matter more these days. Many of our lives look very similar, day in and day out. Working from home, limiting our contact with others, and going out and traveling less keep every day looking the same. There is very little to break up the monotony! Little things are more noticed and more important in a day that seems to be the same as the last. That is why a simple letter can have a huge impact on your supporters.

3) Tactile gifts have weight after internet-fatigue

We all feel it – internet fatigue. The primary way of communication is through screens. We are tired of emails, we are tired of scrolling on social media, we are tired of zoom calls, and we are tired of blue light. Paper begins to mean something after staring at a computer screen for months on end for your social life, your entertainment, and your work.

4) Good relocation of resources

Currently, a lot of nonprofits are shifting their strategies and their energy they would have spent on that Golf Outing Fundraiser this summer or that in-person Gala Fundraiser.

How do you reach out and connect now?

Hand written letters are a great relocation of time and energy towards your supporters!

Social Media Presence

Social Media can be a hard platform for some nonprofits to invest time into. However, internet usage and social media engagement has seen a dramatic increase in the last five months, according to the NY Times.


Social media is a great way to keep your supporters in the loop about what your organization is doing during this time. Not only that, Social Media platforms also give you a way to start dialogues with your supporters.

Starting a Campaign

Getting online and engaging with your supporters with Social Media campaigns lets your supporters feel like they are doing something meaningful in a time that feels more disconnected than usual. There is less opportunities with many nonprofits for volunteer support these days. But a comprehensive study by Fidelity Charitable saw that 87 percent of volunteers say they support a cause through their volunteer behavior and the financial support. Those who volunteer are antsy to help in the way they can. Give them easy access to how through social media campaigns!

Update your followers!

Social media can be a great platform for informal updates to show your followers what you are doing currently in light of COVID and how that’s affected your staff and mission.

Looking for a way to do a virtual auction fundraiser?

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We are happy to help you navigate this time in any way we can! Contact Charity Fundraising or visit our Resources page today for more helpful tips.