As a nonprofit, efficiency means everything.

As stewards of all donations received, it is important for as a nonprofit to utilize cost effective avenues and strategies. It is a high responsibility to run any nonprofit, which can feel like a daunting task.

We are here to help! We have compiled a simple list of some of our favorite free tools that can help you as you plan your next upcoming event.

These tools improve efficiency and efficacy by helping you collaborate with your team, create engaging content, and gain a stronger online presence!

assorted handheld tools in tool rack


1. Collab Better

Tool: Slack

The work of a nonprofit involves heavy amounts of communication. It’s a collaborative effort! Rather than creating 50 email chains, Slack streamlines communication processes. By getting you on the same page with your team, Slack offers organized channels to share information quickly and with many people. This includes file-sharing, face-to-face video calls, and screen sharing.

2. Use available resources

Tool: Techsoup

Created exclusively for Nonprofits, Techsoup’s goal is to educate and equip Nonprofits. It connects nonprofits to help each other and offers courses and highly discounted software (Microsoft Office, Anti-virus software, Adobe Acrobat Pro, etc.) for any registered Nonprofit. Having the right computer software can take out the headache of a project and speed up the process!

3. Create Easily!  

Tools: Canva, Unsplash, and Vecteezy

Need to create a flyer or use imagery in a social media campaign? Are your PDFs and literature for your Nonprofit boring?

Creating engaging material for your donors and prospect donors is key to grabbing their attention and spreading the word. At the same time, there is only so much monetary investment and time a Nonprofit can set towards marketing and event-design. Canva, Unsplash, and Vecteezy are all free tools that can help you create engaging material!

Canva provides easy-to-use- templates for designing all marketing materials. Be it a flyer, annual report, poster, or brochure, Canva can help!

Unsplash offers free stock-photos. Need we say more? Unsplash is a fantastic resource that gives your access to countless high quality images.

Vecteezy can help your PDFs go from straight-text with bullet points to visually digestible and organized content. Vecteezy offers free icons or other small images that can help delineate and categorize your content.

4. Work with Google

Tool: Google Ad Grants  

Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is a useful, long term strategy that helps build your Nonprofit’s online web presence. But SEO takes a lot of upfront investment. Furthermore, that investment can sometimes takes months before any progress comes. Even then, that progress has a return that takes even longer.

Many Nonprofits don’t feel like they can justify that upfront investment for such a slow (but quality) pay off down the road.

However, Google offers qualifying charities $10,000 per month of free advertising through their Ad Words pay-per-click platform. Click on the link above to apply!

We hope that these resources can be a help to your Nonprofit! We are committed to helping Nonprofits in any way we can! That’s why we offer Zero-Risk charity fundraising auction items. If the auction items don’t sell, we take them back, free of charge! We even pay for the shipping of the item (delivery and return!). We do this so that our clients can access the best of the best autographed auction items and vacation packages without putting their organization at risk!