With all of the uncertainty in the world at this time we wanted to take a moment to share some perspective.

In such a fast paced world with so many distractions and so much technology “push notifying” us incessantly, it’s easy to lose track of what REALLY matters. The moments spent with our loved ones, in our favorite places and doing what we love are really what it’s all about. We choose to take this concerning time as a reminder of what we had been taking for granted and what we have to be grateful for.

We believe that having faith and understanding that the outcome we desire is not only possible, but is inevitable. When the power of the human mind is set on its target we are able to do amazing things.

We are clear that life will present challenges and that all challenges can be overcome. The path has bumps that knock us down from time to time and when that happens we are committed to getting back up as fast as we can, every time – without exception.

We are committed to helping one another and we are committed to overcoming the challenges that this COVID-19 pandemic is presenting to all of us.

We feel so blessed to have been able to bring our dream of building the most premium fundraising company in the world to life and want to take this hectic time to breathe some thanks and smiles back into you.

We want to thank the tens of thousands of you out there who proudly support our journey. We want to thank all of you who get up every day with a positive perspective, a desire to see someone else smile and the will to push yourself further than you did yesterday. We know that the future is a bit unclear right now, but we also know we will get through this together.

Wishing all of you, your friends and loved ones health and safety in this challenging time.

– The Charity Fundraising Team

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