A non-profit has the unique opportunity of achieving their ultimate vision and goal with relationships outstretching to every walk of life. Non-profit organizations bring people together with one purpose: to accomplish an endeavor for the good of all. It is indeed a partnership, between the donor and the non-profit. In a fast paced world, it is easy for us to pass by the importance of putting in the effort to build personal relationships and connections between the giver and the charity. Yet in today’s world, that effort means more now than ever.

Thank-you calls may seem cumbersome and unimportant. Yet, research shows that when board members called and said thank you to donors, those donors gave 39% more in their next donation. The power of a call and human voice is lasting. Studies show that fourteen months later, non-profits who called got 42% more financial assistance than organizations that did not utilize a personal telephone call.  Without the personal touch, donors tend to think that the value of personal connection and the importance of collaborative appreciation have been lost. Staying true to the purpose of a non-profit does not go unnoticed. People want to work for a common good with an organization that sees the donor as more important to the cause than a paycheck in the mail.

When should you call your donors?

Promptness also communicates the value the donor has to your non-profit. An authentic and genuine staff member is sufficient to communicate your appreciation. If you are a small organization do not hesitate to call all of your donors! If you are bigger non-profit, it is hard to reach out to every individual via phone call. Calling the first time donors who give more then 100 dollars or more is a good baseline. If a donor increases their gift, show them you noticed and value it. With your donors who have consecutive giving thresholds, acknowledge your partnership. Monthly giving program donors are perfect examples of active participants who should be actively recognized for their contribution.

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