Fundraising Strategies for your Non-Profit during the Holiday Season

People donate more during the Holiday season. According to a report from a fundraising software firm, Blackbaud Inc., more than one-third of charitable giving takes place during the Holiday season – October through December.

The spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas is truly powerful. Many non-profit organizations could not survive, let alone grow without the revenue they receive during the last three months of the year.

So the question becomes: How do you maximize your influence and success during this season? A non-profit organization sends out their Christmas newsletters, asks for donations, and puts on events – but is that all you can do?

Here are four ways to increase your organization’s profit during the holidays:

1.) Reach out to Sponsors.
It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers of ticket sales for events and added revenue streams during the chaos of the Holiday Season. We tend to focus our efforts to marketing, getting higher attendance numbers at our event, and giving more opportunities to donate. While that is important, it is key to focus on sponsorships during this season as well. Sponsors are the epitome of active and involved donors. And just like your guests at an event, sponsors are in the spirit of giving during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

2.) Reach out to your donors personally.
The holiday season is hectic. We all know what a whirlwind the last three months of the year can be. Between juggling friends, family, work, shopping for presents, and endless obligatory weekend Christmas parties, it’s easy for even your loyal donors to drop the ball and forget to donate to your organization. It’s even more difficult to find the time to go to your event specifically. Calling your past donors lets you come to them instead of making them come to you. However, Don’t only call your donors to ask for money. Call them to ask for their advice, to update them about the work in the trenches, and just to reconnect. You will be getting free advice, keeping them involved and updated, while you are simultaneously building your relationship and reminding them of your presence.

3.) If you do put on an event, put on an auction.
Especially during the Christmas season, people have giving gifts to their friends and family on their mind. When you have a live or silent auction during the Christmas season, your guests are more likely to think of your auction items with their loved ones in mind. After all, they are killing two birds with one stone – getting their Christmas shopping done and giving to a good cause.

4.) Don’t forget about social media!
Donations through social media have been increasing with each passing year. And there is no sign of that trend changing. Social media can quadruple your exposure, positioning your organization for increased awareness and donations.

Facebook: create and test media campaigns – You can pay to boost or promote your posts on Facebook, giving you a larger reach in your fans and friends of fans News Feed. This lets you reach your current and potential followers quickly. Social media is a domino effect. Giving a strong push can help you get connected with a community of followers, advocates, and influences who will share with their friends your message.

Twitter: Give Updates – Let people know what’s going on in your organization! Tweet during fundraising event. Tweet about people donating. Tweet about how people are making a difference.

-Pinterest: Ask for donations on Pinterest –Pin items that your nonprofit needs and provide instructions on how to donate the items. Integrate your needs into this platform used for their pleasure. Again – it’s about going to your donors, not having them come after you. Meet them where they are – on Pinterest! For example, if your organization helps children in poverty, your wish list may include children’s clothing, toys, toiletries, school supplies, and pictures of diplomas to donate for the cost of their education.