Soon, it will finally be time for a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday work life. Many people get one time out of the year to take a vacation, but a lot of people stress about saving up for that getaway.

There are many ways you can save up for vacations:

  • Separate Savings Account. A separate savings account is a great way to put money aside for your vacation. First, determine how much you need for vacation. Then set up automatic deposits. If you have money going straight to an account, it helps you from spending that money elsewhere.
  • What Can You Cut Out? First, figure out what you need to pay for like rent/mortgage, bills, utilities, and loans. Then think about what costs you can cut out. Do you really need a latte every day? What about those weekly dinners and drinks? Instead of spending money on day-to-day luxuries, save that money for that relaxing vacation.
  • Additional Income. An easy way to save money for a vacation is to set aside any additional income you make throughout the year. If you get money for holidays or your birthday, save it. If you are in sales and you make an unexpected profit, save it. You can also put aside money you get back from your tax return.
  • Support a charity you care about at their upcoming fundraising auction. Many charities and nonprofits host live/silent auctions that feature exclusive vacation packages and once in a lifetime experiences.  Why not support a charity close to your heart and get that dream vacation in one easy step!

Charity Fundraising has partnered with over 5,000 charities, schools and non-profits worldwide, since 2006, providing fundraising ideas and one-of-a-kind silent charity auction items.  Some of the charity fundraising items at the events are vacation packages. Charity Fundraising have vacation packages for romantic getaways, girls’ weekend getaways, boys’ weekend getaways, and family vacations.

  • Romantic Getaway. Have a romantic vacation with your significant other in Paris, France. Or go on an African safari. Another great idea for a romantic getaway is touring different wineries like the New York’s Finger Lakes.
  • Girls’ Weekend Getaway. Relax and have fun with your girls at the beach or spa. Or spend the weekend shopping in New York City or going skiing in Lake Tahoe. You could also spend the weekend in Las Vegas, or take a different route and enjoy time at New York’s Finger Lakes winery.
  • Boys’ Weekend Getaway. Enjoy a weekend with your boys at the Masters or British Open golf championship or go skiing in Lake Tahoe or Telluride.
  • Family Vacation. Enjoy a fun vacation with your family meeting all your kids’ favorite Disney characters at Disney World. You could also take a tour of Hearst Castle or explore the Kennedy Space Center.

Charity Fundraising provides benefit auction ideas and items at a no-risk consignment basis. Items are sent to fundraising events free of charge and ready to display. If the items do not sell, Charity Fundraising pays for return shipping. They also provide exclusive certificates of authenticity and matching numbered authentication holograms.

Be the non-profit organization to partner with a great fundraising company and auction off one-of-a-kind summer vacations for all types of occasions. If you need help creating a profitable fundraiser, contact Charity Fundraising at their website https://www.cfr1.org/