It seems that every silent charity auction often showcases the same items year after year.  A selection of gift cards, themed baskets, getaway packages and fine or custom jewelry always seem to make an appearance.  So how do you draw interest to those same old items in a new and creative way?  Here are a few silent auction ideas on how to creatively display two of the most common auction items from Michael Gordon, fundraising specialist at Charity Fundraising.

Gift Cards

  1. Group gift cards in coordinating sets. Create a date night set with movie and restaurant gift cards.
  2. Create a travel set with gas cards and restaurant gift cards.
  3. Create a family memory-making set with gas cards, restaurant cards, theme park attraction gift cards.
  4. Display gift cards in an attractive picture frame.
  5. Create a gift card booklet by inserting a variety of cards into a photo book.
  6. Fill a new wallet with a selection of gift cards.
  7. Create a gift card tree by attaching the cards to a table top size tree or branches tucked into a vase.


  1. Lay a pretty bracelet inside of a large seashell.
  2. Drape a beaded necklace around an antique vase or piece of pottery.
  3. Hang earrings on small tree branches or table top trees.
  4. Dangle earrings over the edge of a vintage tea cup.
  5. Display fine jewelry within a unique jewelry box.
  6. Use pretty vintage cake stands to display long custom beaded necklaces.

When you begin to gather items for your upcoming charity auction remember to offer your guests a selection of high bid and low bid items.  Creating a mix of gift cards and baskets with unique VIP experiences or autographed items keeps the evening interesting and allows bidders to enjoy a wide selection of choices at your fundraising event.

Charity Fundraising assists all of their non-profit partners in selecting the perfect silent auction ideas for their fundraisers.  At Charity Fundraising, we understand that live and silent auctions provide a valuable revenue stream for non-profits and charities of any size. Contact Charity Fundraising today and we will provide you with strategic silent auction ideas and guide you through the event process from start to finish.