Today is a special day at Charity Fundraising! We are launching our first animated video titled “Charity Fundraising Silent Auction Ideas Help Non-Profits To Fundraise.”

We often get potential charity partners calling us and asking various questions about our charity fundraising program. How can you help my charity to fundraise? What silent auction ideas can you help me with?  How does your process work?  In an effort to keep up with the volume of charities we assist each year (1,500+) we decided to create the animated video you see below to better explain our fundraising program. This video will soon be on our homepage, but we wanted to give our blog readers a first look! We hope that you enjoy our first aminated video and pleased feel free to share it on your Facebook, Twitter and You Tube social media accounts.

Please don’t forget to visit our You Tube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZJBMT9oU5I