Charity Fundraising, provider of charity auction items and fundraising ideas to non-profits announced today that they received $1.2 million in their first round of angel funding.

Fort Lee, NJ – December 18, 2012 Charity Fundraising, the international provider of charity auction items and fundraising ideas to non-profits announced today that they received $1.2 million to further their outreach in their first round of angel funding. The company founded in 2006 by philanthropist and fundraising professional Michael Gordon, has since partnered with more than 5,000 charities, schools and non-profits for social good, leveraging the power of celebrities, influencers, and major brands. Building on a record of growth that has made Charity Fundraising the recognized leader in charity fundraising solutions, the company will use the capital to expand its charity auction items, sales and online presence in 2013.

Charity Fundraising provides celebrity memorabilia for charity auctions including guitars, records, sheet music, movie posters, photos, drum head displays and more. Additionally, the company’s VIP experiences and dream vacation packages provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences for individuals and families across the globe.

Fundraising Director, Michael Gordon shares, “We’re thrilled to have additional funding to include a mobile bidding application, create unique celebrity meet and greet experiences, expand market share and open international office locations. Organizations like The Make a Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities and more will benefit from the kindness of our 2013 angel funds.”

Phillip Ryan, Director of Media Relations for Charity Fundraising, comments, “With the battered economy still in recovery and many of the wealthy still reeling from investment losses, angel investors are moving very carefully when looking for companies to invest in. While we went through a lengthily vetting process, we appreciate this vote of confidence from our investors. This financing round puts Charity Fundraising in a position to further enhance our charity auction offerings. We will now be able to use these investment funds to expand our operation, add mobile bidding applications and soon be able to offer our charity partners exclusive celebrity meet and greet packages for their silent, live and online auctions.”

Charity Fundraising serves over 2,000 charities, schools and non-profits worldwide, providing fundraising ideas and silent charity auction items to help them exceed all fundraising goals with zero cost and zero risk to the non-profit. In 2011 the company’s no risk auction items raised over $3 million at silent auctions, fundraisers and other charity auctions worldwide. Visit Charity Fundraising at https://www.cfr1.org/