Bruce Springsteen Autographed Album

The excitement of the 2012 Grammy Awards has spread to the world of non-profit fundraising. Charity Fundraising, a New Jersey based fundraising auction company who provides the world’s best autographed music memorabilia and silent auction items for non-profit auctions announced today it’s annual Grammy Awards week trivia contest held to be held on the company’s Facebook Fanpage. The company will be giving away autographed music memorabilia during the weeklong contest and hopes to raise awareness of the charities it supports during the promotion.

Charity Fundraising mission is to provide charities, non-profits and schools with a myriad of fundraising ideas for their silent and live auction fundraisers. All of the auction items are provided to non-profits on a zero-risk consignment bases through the companies zero-risk, all-reward fundraising program. One of the main categories of silent auction items the company offers is autographed music memorabilia from some of the biggest names in music history.

Philip Ryan, director of media relations for Charity Fundraising stated; “We are proud to offer our silent auction items and fundraising ideas to our Facebook fans during our weeklong Grammy Awards music trivia contest on Facebook. Providing non-profits with charity auction items such as our autographed music memorabilia we’ll be giving away on our Facebook Fanpage is at the core of our fundraising program. This is a great opportunity for us to spread the word about all the wonderful charity organizations we support and encourage other non-profits to join us.”

The Facebook music trivia giveaway contest will run from Monday February 6 through Friday February 10 leading up to the 2012 Grammy Awards on Sunday February 12. Although the silent auction items offered during the trivia contest are normally used in charity auctions for non-profits around the globe, contest organizers are excited to get these rare items into the hands of a few diehard music fans. Each day’s prize will be announced a few minutes before the trivia question is posted. The rules are simple, become a fan at Charity Fundraising Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/charityfundraisingauction/ and be the first person to answer that days music trivia question correctly you will win that days prize. Charity Fundraising will even ship the item to the winners for free.

“We always look forward to events like the Grammy Awards because they tell us a lot about what’s going on in the music industry,” Ryan said. “It’s important that our fundraising team stays on top of what music related silent auction items are hot, so we have a better understanding of what will be successful for our charity partners auctions. The Grammy Awards is an important research component for us to better support our charity partners’ fundraising auction strategies.”

Charity Fundraising is looking forward to another successful Facebook giveaway contest and bringing awareness of its fundraising services to charities around the world. The company is continuing to develop exciting, new silent auction items and fundraising ideas to support the non-profit community for years to come.

Charity Fundraising serves over 2,000 charities, schools and non-profits worldwide, providing fundraising ideas and charity auction items to help them exceed all fundraising goals with zero cost and zero risk to the non-profit. In 2011 the company’s no risk auction items raised over $3 million at silent auctions, fundraisers and other charity auctions worldwide. Visit https://www.cfr1.org/ for more details.