Nothing requires careful planning and knowing your audience like running a charity fundraising event. There are many ways to go about raising money during this key time for your organization and it is careful planning that will get you to maximize the potential of your donors.

Let us cover some of the traditional methods used at charity fundraising events and down the road in future blog posts we will cover each one in a detailed manner.

Getting your donors in the door is a key to a successful event and targeting your ticket price becomes a balancing act. The entrance ticket fee should reflect the value received by your patron from covering your expenses for the event, along with building in an extra amount to help reach your fundraising goals is part of ticket price planning.

Here are some other charity fundraising ideas during an event:

50/50 – This is a long time tested traditional method that engages the audience and gets your event staff to interact with the donors.

Lottery Style – This is great when you have many items donated by local business or gift baskets. This is another great idea to have your staff interact with the donors while selling tickets for the raffle.

Silent Auctions – Often used when you have items valued in the several hundreds of dollars and this requires bid sheets and more setup by your staff.

Live Auctions – Usually this style of fundraising is reserved when you have a few high end items that can generate thousands of dollars. This requires an auctioneer to describe the item then do a traditional auction where the audience competes against each other for bidding.

Hopefully these ideas will help you to start planning your event and check back as we go into detail covering each one in detail and how to maximize your charity fundraising events potential.