Charity Fundraising launches auction fundraising resources to assist non-profit event planning committees. 

Auction themed fundraisers are a staple in the non-profit world.  However executing a well-planned, entertaining and successful charity auction isn’t always easy.  The team at Charity Fundraising are proud to announce the recently unveiled Auction Resources for Non-Profits Tool featured on their website at https://www.cfr1.org/auction-fundraising-resources/

Phillip Ryan, Director of Media Relations for Charity Fundraising comments, “We’ve been assisting charities since 2006 and we’re continually asked for guidance in auction planning.  From finding the perfect auctioneer to pricing your auction items, we’re thrilled to feature tried and true tips and resources for event committees and auction chairs for non-profits.”

The new Auction Resources section will assist non-profits like schools, foundations, health/disease prevention and research organizations, churches and civic groups in planning their live and silent auctions more efficiently.  The tool provides auction planning tips and guides, sample documents, resources and links to useful data and advice. Ryan further comments, “Our goal is to provide our charity partners with everything they need to host a successful auction.  That begins with assisting non-profits in selecting the perfect auction items or unique experiences to showcase at their events.  But it certainly doesn’t end there.  Pricing items, creating silent auction bid sheets and providing planning tips are all necessary parts of the process.”

Charity Fundraising will continue to add new content, tools and resources to the site for their charity partners in the hopes to create an all-inclusive environment for planning non-profit auction. Ryan adds, “It’s important to check back often as we are continually finding new resources for our charity partners.”  Maggie Smith, auction chair for The American Red Cross comments, “Charity Fundraising did a phenomenal job providing many of the tools we needed to run our silent auction efficiently.  The shared sample silent auction bid sheets with our team and connected us with resources we were unable to locate on our own.”

Charity Fundraising is dedicated to providing charities, non-profits and schools with fundraising ideas for their live and silent auction fundraisers.  All of the auction items provided to non-profits are on a unique zero-risk consignment basis through the company’s zero-risk, all-reward fundraising program.

Since 2006, Charity Fundraising has served over 5,000 charities, schools and non-profits worldwide, providing fundraising ideas and silent charity auction items to help them exceed all fundraising goals with zero cost and zero risk to the non-profit. In 2012 the company’s no risk auction items raised over $4 million at silent auctions, fundraisers and other charity auctions worldwide.  Visit Charity Fundraising at https://www.cfr1.org/