Non-profit organizations thrive when they have a thriving board. But generally, for all parties involved, boards cause frustration.

Your board of directors should be leading your organization by serving as ambassadors for your non-profit through building relationships and referring donors. However, board members are finding it hard to take on their roles as ambassadors. The board of directors helps create the means and the plans that determine the outcome of your organization. The question that must be asked then is this: If the board of directors is helping create a better organization, then who is helping create a better and stronger board of directors?

Here are three important factors that must be in place in order to have a firm, foundational system leading your organization:

1)     Understanding the Role of Your Board in Fundraising
Your board has an important role when it comes to fundraising, which can appear as scary, nerve racking, and/or disinteresting task for most members. However, if your organization does not have a proper understanding of its role in fundraising, you will loose increased revenue, better connections, and new donors. Having a clear understanding of a board’s role, to help fundraising, gives your organization a vision and a goal. This will promote an atmosphere that encourages leadership- not anxiety and confusion.

2)     Understanding the Role of Each Board Member
It is key that each board member has a fundraising job and that they are comfortable with it. This is crucial to helping your board get over their fear of fundraising. Gaining an “all hands on deck” board is a strategy that can successfully accomplish simple and effective plans. Boards become more actively engaged in fundraising and are, furthermore, happy about it!

3)     Creating Strategies with a Strong and Effective Board
Getting your board contribute more and raise revenues is not a one-step process.
Running an organized and successful board giving campaign starts by creating a step-by-step plan. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for such a plan. Each organization is unique in its size and capabilities, in its strengths and weaknesses. Nobody knows these qualities and conditions better than your board of directors. Having your board discuss plans and strategies for your organization collaboratively will not only create more successful campaigns, but also create a stronger and more effective board.

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