If your live charity auction requires the assistance of a charity auctioneer, there are several resources available to guide you in your selection.

The National Auctioneers Association (NAA) provides a database of registered auctioneers that you can search based on your location and the type of event you will be hosting.  The NAA database can be accessed free of charge at www.auctioneers.org.

There are also numerous organizations like The Charity Auctioneer that provide fundraising assistance and auctioneers to schools, civic groups, churches and other non-profit organizations.  Organizations like this can provide auctioneers as well as other personnel to assist with the execution of your event.

If you would like assistance from Charity Fundraising when planning your next live or silent auction, we’d love to help.  For more assistance in planning your upcoming charity auction,  contact Charity Fundraising today.