A well-planned charity auction is a destined failure without well-planned promotional efforts.  Today, promoting your charity auction is easier than ever.  Technology, social media and the 24/7 power of the Internet allows us to communicate with each other more than ever before.

Here are some tips on promoting your upcoming charity auction event from Charity Fundraising.

Tip 1:  Secure your charity auction items early. 

Once you have your charity auction items, it’s time to get creative. With today’s technology it’s easy to create individual videos about each of your charity auction items and share them.  Showcasing and describing the items prior to the event will prepare your guests to bid and create excitement around your event.

Tip 2:  Share your auction items with video. 

Share your videos across your social media channels.  Post them on YouTube and Vimeo.  You can even post a “video of the day” on Facebook leading up to the event.  Videos can also be used on your website and in email blasts to your registered guests.

Tip 3: Share your auction items using imagery and the Internet.

Create an email blast to your current database and show off your items with images and item details.  Showcase your auction items across social media on Facebook and Twitter and encourage your followers to share it with their friends.

Tip 4:  Take your items to the media.

Offer to chat with radio personalities or with local reporters and show off your charity and the auction items you selected.  This will get you exposure and promote your event outside of your current database. Can’t quite get a spot on the air; list your event in as many community event calendars as possible.

Tip 5:  Use your current tools to promote.

Many organizations make the mistake of neglecting to post information about their events on their website or they post too little information.  Remember the internet and your website is up and running 24 hours a day.  Provide your site visitors with as much detailed information as possible so your event is promoted even when you’re off the clock.

If you would like assistance from Charity Fundraising when planning your next live or silent auction, we’d love to help.  For more assistance in planning your upcoming charity auction,  contact Charity Fundraising today!