Charity Fundraising's consignment policy can best be described in two words: risk free.

Normal consignment policies are arrangements where goods are put in the possession of another party to sell. Charity Fundraising, however, understands how non-profit auctions function and our goal is to help them succeed for their cause. Charity Fundraising sends all items for free of charge and pays for return shipping for the items that non-profits do not sell. The purpose of our risk free consignment policy lifts the burden off non-profits. This risk free policy enables organizations to be secure in their financial decisions in regards to acquiring and discarding of auction items. Contrary to standard consignment policies, Charity Fundraising does not force the responsibility of selling our auction items on non-profits.

Zero Risk, All Reward

Our goal is to make your silent and live auctions a success, for your cause and for your guests. Charity Fundraising can provide autographed musician photographs, guitars, record albums, drumhead displays, sheet music, as well as VIP experiences and vacation packages, and other live auction items at zero risk to your organization. This zero-risk and an all reward program is designed to increase your organizations fundraising potential - an almost guarantee of profit and benefit when it comes to your auction items.

Our charity partners success stories, found on our Fundraising Testimonials Page, only showcases how and why this no-risk, all reward program is crucial to your organizations auction’s success.

Thank you for making it so convenient for us to get great items to sell to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. The fact that you send them to us free of charge and pay for return shipping (for the few items that don’t sell) is a big plus. I look forward to working with you again.”

 – Ronald McDonald House

“I must admit I was a bit skeptical about the process and it seemed too good to be true. However it is true! Totally risk free! Our auction was very successful and the items from Charity Fundraising created a lot of interest and excitement to the evening.”

- Animal Welfare Society