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Charity Fundraising is proud to offer our fundraising partners our Exclusive Autographed Star Wars Collectibles! These items are sure to be a huge hit at your upcoming charity auction fundraiser!

Star Wars is the most awarded movie series of all time winning multiple; Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Grammy Awards, BAFTA Awards, American Cinema Editors Awards and Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films Awards. The Star Wars film series is 37 years old and it is estimated that the franchise as a whole has brought in over $20 Billion, an achievement thus far unparalleled in the motion picture industry.

All autographed collectibles undergo a detailed forensic examination by an independent third-party authentication firm to confirm authenticity. All autographed items are forensically tested by retired Law Enforcement from The New York Police Department to ensure authenticity, credibility and integrity. To review our authenticity policy click here.

Contact Charity Fundraising today to reserve your autographed Star Wars memorabilia for your next fundraiser or charity auction.